Trustless crypto payment gateway

BTC (Bitcoin), XRP (Ripple), ETH (Ethereum), ADA (Cardano), SEPA

Accept payments with leading cryptocurrencies offering free (or negligible) transactions and best DLT (blockchain / tangle) technology. We currently work with Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, Ethereum and tokens on the ETH network, Cardano. You can also accept SEPA bank transfers in fiat.


Non-custodial and risk-free payments

The blockchain technology is trustless and so is our payment gateway / processor. You receive payments directly to your own address (wallet) — they never go through our wallets and we never ask you for your private keys. You no longer need to be afraid of refunds, technical issues, payout delays etc.

Non-custodial and risk-free payments

CHF 0.05 per transaction. No other fees.

We offer extremely low fees. There's only a single CHF 0.05 transaction fee and no fees for the buyer. We use cryptocurrencies with no (or negligible) transfer fees.

Note: During the BETA phase the usage of Bitvolo is completely free

CHF 0.05 per transaction. No other fees.

Easy integration with your website / shopping cart software

... including: Wordpress (WooCommerce) plugin, Javascript integration, API. You can also generate a custom payment request URL for a specific transaction to share via email, sms or social apps

See all integrations
See all integrations

Limited exchange rate risk

Your prices can be expressed in any fiat currency (USD/EUR/CHF/etc). We'll automatically convert it into equivalent amount in given coin at the time of checkout. Since the payments go directly to your own account, it's up to you to regularly convert the earnings to fiat. If you do this daily, you will highly minimize the risk of losses from high volatility of cryptocurrencies. You could also decide to accept one of the stablecoins.

Limited exchange rate risk

Forget about maintenance/technical issues

We operate our own blockchain/tangle nodes and take care of the maintenance/technical issues. You should be able to operate your web shop without having to worry about such problems.

Trusted by thousands of customers since 1997

Our Swiss-based company, Xtreeme Sagl, has over 20 years of experience in developing high-quality products.

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