FAQ Q106: How can I do a test payment before using Bitvolo?

First of all you can run your tests on our demo account. On this page you'll find a test widget where you can make a test transaction using IOTA/XLM or simulate a bank transfer. On the right-hand size of the page there's a test wallet which can be used for the test transactions so you'll be using our funds for the tests and not your own! Of course you could just as well make the transaction using your own IOTA/XLM wallet (we appreciate the donation :)).

Once your account is set up, you can test transactions on your account by using a second wallet, emulating the customer's wallet and send a payment to your main account. Another, simpler, way to make a test transaction is by clicking on the bank/SEPA payment method and then confirming the payment in the Bitvolo backend. This will also send the IPN call to your shopping cart website.
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