FAQ Q109: Can I generate an invoice (or payment request PDF) for my customers?

You cannot generate a regular invoice although for the customers who will be paying by bank transfer you can have a PDF document generated automatically when they choose the SEPA bank transfer payment method and click the download button. This document can serve as an invoice or a printable payment request. In order to do this, follow the instructions in the Javascript integration guide and in the extra options array in the bitvolo.setup call you'll need to include another option called payment_request which is an array with the following data:

{  // array with extra (non-mandatory) options
  callback_url: "https://...",
  custom_field: "XYZ123",
  lang: "en",
  payment_request: {
    product: "Product ABC", // optional product description
    customer: "John Doe<br/>10, Long Street<br/>City, CA 12345", // optional customer info
    seller_extra_info: "VAT nr xxx", // any optional merchant info, e.g. VAT number
    logo_url: "https://...", // optional url of your company logo
    document_title: "INVOICE", // optionally you can change the document title from payment request to e.g. invoice
    tax_amount: 3.00, // optionally you can indicate which part of the total price is tax

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